Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Season 2 Netflix: Although the series receives a decent and mixed response from the critics, the series ends in such a way that those who watched it are going to wait for another season for sure, here in the post we will try to give a little update and details about the Season 2 of the Netflix original series Ye Kali Kaali Aakhein.

The web series stars super talented actors like Sweta Tripathi, Thair Raj Bhasin, and Saurabh Shukla in the main lead roles, the web series also stars Aanchal Singh, Surya Sharma, Bijendra Kala, Anant Joshi, and others. The web series is created by Sidharth Sengupta, Rohit Jugraj, and others. The web series is written by Varun Badola and others.

Now coming to the main questions, is there going to be season 2 for the series? The answer is yet, the makers had already planned for season 2 and there will be season 2 of the series, the official announcement about the renewal of the series will be made in upcoming days. Our sources have confirmed that the web series will return for season 2. The season 2 of Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein will release on Netflix in 2023.

Almost every character from season 1 will return in season 2 and season 2 will have more twists and turns for sure, the series will also have the addition of new actors in season 2 if the Plot demands, the new names of the actors will be available in coming weeks.

This was all about Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein Season 2, the series will release in 2023, Did you like season 1 ?, Please let us know in the comment section, for more news and updates stay tuned with us.


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  1. Vidyut Roy Choudhury on

    Spectacular to say the least, tremendous performance by all, but Special mention for Anchal, unbelievably overshadowed everybody else, magnificent 👏

  2. The series was lengthy the twists and turns are very affective but one thing that i want to say is if you watch season 1 you will definitely want to see season 2 at lasr series was brilliant and thrilling

  3. It is really an awesome. Ms Anchal Singh, Saurabh Shukla ji role is fabulous which lead this series to more interesting.

  4. Fantastic series, we enjoyed each and every second. Every one has acted so well. Full of thrill and heart throbbing moments………waiting eagerly for second season. Thair Bhasin is just excellent.

  5. Best season ever saw. Watched all parts of season 1 in one night. Anxiously waiting for the next season.
    Fantastic series, we enjoyed each and every second. Every one has acted so well. Full of thrill and heart throbbing moments………waiting eagerly for second season. Thair Bhasin is just excellent.

  6. Saurabh Kapoor on

    Just finished watching season 1 and I rate 10/10 eagerly waiting for season 2, makers have created a curiosity for the next season.

  7. The best series! The plot is incredibly captivating and the acting is commendable. I’m looking forward to the second season, but 2023 …? OMG, so long? 2022 has just begun 🙂

  8. There is an error in your content, please re-write the last line, where you said the series will return in 2022 It’s actually 2023 for season 2.

  9. It’s interesting too many turns .
    Great acting by all actors. To keep this interesting , Director keep introduced too many twists, Any sane husband wouldn’t make so risky decision as the protoganist. RajnBhasin is too serious all the way without any smile on his face at all throughout the season. It doesn’t look natural at all.

  10. Akhiraj Awasthi on

    Season 2 was amazing finally they get to revenge for what Vikrant and Sakshi has been through. Too bad though Vikrant’s family has to sacrifice their lives to save them. Enjoy everyone 😉

  11. sab say kmaal ki series hai mirzapur all movies all series ko peachy kar dia…top ka award milna chayi sari cast ko

  12. Oji Blango- Dunia on

    Absolutely stunning. Exceptional writing and the acting was outstanding. Never saw the many twist and turns coming. So engaging and a pleasure to look at. Please hurry with Season 3!

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