Q in “XO Kitty” Netflix: Q is also a supporting character but plays a significant role in this series. He is also a friend of Dae, but after meeting Kate, he gradually becomes her best friend. As per user requests, we will provide character explanations for “Q” from the series “XO Kitty.”

In the series, the character Q is played by Anthony Keyvan, a 22-year-old American actor. He has appeared in movies like “The Space Between” (2010) and “Generation” (2021), as well as the series “Love, Victor” (2020-2022).

Q is a friend of Dae, but after meeting Kitty, he becomes friends with her as well. He becomes a safe place for Kitty. Q also falls in love with a boy named Florian. Q faces challenges in his own relationship but always stands by Kitty’s side. When he discovers that Florian cheated in exams, he becomes angry and tries to break their relationship.

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