XO Kitty Episode 4: Episode 4 of the Netflix original show was short but it has a great impact on the upcoming events in the series. We are covering the All Episodes recap of Xo Kitty and here is episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained.

Trusts are broken, and on the other side, Kitty discovers some secrets about her mom. Let’s see what they are. As we are doing an episode-wise recap, let’s learn about this episode.

Kitty applied to change her room. The room was a total mess. Her roommate is a girl who spends the whole day gaming. So, she requested her teacher to change rooms again. She always helps her friends and gives good ideas to Q. She also wants to talk to Dae, but Yuri sticks with him all the time. However, Q gives her the idea that Yuri isn’t fond of nature and Dae is the President of the outdoor club, and their first hike is tomorrow.

But Min-Ho informed Yuri about the hiking plan and Kitty joining, so Yuri joined too. During the hike, Kitty races with Yuri and wins. Later, Kitty also shares that her mom also loves hiking.

She reveals that her mom and Yuri’s mom were classmates. While hiking, she comes across the same hospital mentioned on the baby bracelet. Cleverly, she enters the records room and discovers that she has a brother too. However, she is caught by a doctor. She asks for help from Alex Finnerty, the teacher, but she also realizes that Alex Finnerty is from Australia. On the other side, Q invites her boyfriend to watch a movie, and they enjoy it until Min-Ho arrives and spoils their mood. Later, Kitty informs Q that Alex Finnerty is also from Australia and was adopted.

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At the end of this episode, Kitty is in big trouble as her roommate, who is a gamer, is always busy live-streaming. Kitty records everything her roommate does in the room and posts it on a website. After this, Q suggests that Kitty should live with them.



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