XO Kitty Episode 3 Netflix: Romantic Drama Show Xo Kitty is doing Good on Netflix and we are covering the Episode Wise Recap of the show. We have Covered Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap of the Show and you guys Just Loved it. Here we are with the episode 3 Recap of the show ‘Xo Kitty’.

President Han wants to clear his image, so they declare their relationship. But Kitty finds everything fake about them, so what will happen? Let’s find out in this recap discussion.

We see Dae in his house; he loves his sister and brother. Later, he reaches college. Kitty wants to know everything he’s hiding. Dae feels ashamed because he is poor and the son of a driver. But Dae promises her that he will inform her about everything.

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Meanwhile, Yuri is still thinking about her girlfriend Juliana, whom she loves. When they were about to kiss, the housekeeper saw them. Yuri says she can’t tell everything to Kitty. Also, Yuri confesses that she loves Juliana too much and wants to go to the party with her. But Yuri’s family knows about them, and Juliana stopped talking to Yuri. After learning this, Dae becomes more comfortable with Yuri. Yuri also agrees that Dae can inform Kitty about their secret if she keeps it a secret. While walking in the college hallway, Juliana takes Yuri into a room and says her parents are sending her to Oakham. Juliana promises that they will meet again soon.

On the other side, Kitty is ready for her first day in college. To forget everything about Dae, she starts listening to music. But she faces difficulties in understanding the Korean language. “Portland Stalker” is the new nickname for Kitty. Kitty talks to Q, and she realizes that Q is gay. However, Korea isn’t a gay-friendly city, so nobody will accept them. Later, we see that Headmistress Lim discovers that Yuri is copying notes from Dae, so she takes away her credit card.

In the lab, Kitty assigns everyone a perfect lab partner. Later, she goes to the library to recollect memories of her mother and also find a new tutor. And she finds Dae as her new tutor.

Later, Kitty shares Mi-Ho’s baby secrets, which angers Yuri. Yuri tells Dae not to say anything to Kitty and leaves him. At that moment, Dae gives Kitty her mom’s necklace and leaves.

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So, Dae and Yuri trust Kitty. But Kitty mistakenly shares a secret that triggers Yuri, and Dae stops trusting her. At the end of the episode, Q finds a baby bracelet in Kitty’s room with Kitty’s mom’s name on it. So, on August 12, 1993, Kitty’s mom gave birth to a child.



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