XO, Kitty Episode 2: Netflix’s original show XO Kitty is now Streaming on Netflix and audiences are loving it. We are covering the episode-wise recap of the show and here goes the Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explanation of the show. You can also check the Episode 1 Recap of the show.

Finally, Kitty finds Dae, but he already has a girlfriend. However, there are lots of secrets lying behind it. Let’s discuss it in this recap.

Kitty comes out from the party and can’t control her emotions. Outside, she meets Alex Finnerty from Melbourne, Australia. Later, we find out that Dae made a deal with Yuri, pretending to be her boyfriend. Yuri loves Juliana, and she doesn’t want anybody to have doubts. To clear these doubts, Yuri pays Dae’s fees.

On the other side, Kitty meets Toh Q and Min Ho, who are friends of Dae. Yuri and Dae decide that they will tell Kitty about their plan tomorrow. Kitty finds out that Dae is a liar, and then she falls down and leaves the party. Later, she tries to leave Korea. While she is packing, she hears that some boys are coming, so she pretends to sleep. Later, she hears that it’s Dae and his friends.

As Kitty’s name sounds like a boy, the faculty assigns her to a boys’ room. Kitty demands her mom’s necklace, which she gave to Dae. But Dae loves her, so he never takes off that necklace. He tries to explain it, but Kitty blocks him. Kitty is ready to catch a flight at 9 AM from the airport. However, when she is leaving, she finds a cherry tree, which she saw in her mother’s album. So, Kitty decides not to leave.

On the other side, a video of President Han slapping an ordinary chef is going viral. Meanwhile, Principal Lim gets an idea to clear the image of her husband, President Han. She wants to arrange a wedding between Yuri and Dae, who is actually the son of Yuri’s driver. By doing this, everybody will think that President Han is a good person.

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While Dae is trying to make everything alright by kissing her under the cherry blossom tree, he receives a call from his father. They go to a press conference to declare the relationship between Dae and Yuri. President Han declares that Dae is a top student and the son of his driver, and he wants to marry his daughter Yuri.

Kitty and Dae’s friends watch the press conference, where suddenly Kitty discovers that everything between Dae and Yuri is just a fake.



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