XO Kitty Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: “To All the Boys” spin-off “XO Kitty” is a ten-episode romantic comedy-drama streaming now on Netflix with Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles. We are going to cover the episode-wise recap of the show. Here goes Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explanation of the show.

Before diving into the story-wise recap, let’s have a short recap of the series. Kitty is the youngest Covey sister who went to the “Korean Independent School of Seoul” (K.I.S.S) to uncover secrets about her mom. There, she meets her boyfriend Dae but faces numerous secrets and incidents. Now, let’s find out what happened to Kitty and discuss the recap of episode 1.

The episode starts with Kitty on a video call with Dae while her friends are busy with their lovers. Suddenly, Kitty receives a call from K.I.S.S in South Korea. This call excites her as they give her 24 hours. This story follows the relationship between Lara Jean and Peter from the “To All the Boys” film series. Kitty wants to go to the “Korean Independent School of Seoul” where her mom studied, which is a top school where Dae also studied. She receives the same scholarship her mother got, so she requests her father to give her the chance.

Katherine Song Covey, aka Kitty, is on her way to Seoul, Korea. At the airport, she encounters a boy who also studies at K.I.S.S but isn’t interested in talking. Later, we see Yuri, a girl from a wealthy family, busy shopping, and Kitty accidentally comes in front of her car. Luckily, Yuri also studies at K.I.S.S. Kitty shares that she wants to surprise her boyfriend Dae, and Yuri wishes her good luck.

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Dae is facing fee problems and needs time from his teacher. Yuri’s mother is the principal of K.I.S.S., and there is a conflict going on with her mother because a housekeeper saw Yuri with Julian. Principal Lim was Kitty’s mom, Eve Song’s classmate. However, after seeing an old picture of Eve and herself from Kitty, she refuses to talk and leaves the place. After talking with her father, Kitty falls asleep and wakes up at night to join the welcome party, where she finally finds Dae.

At the end of the episode, in a moment of happiness seeing her boyfriend for the first time, Kitty discovers that Yuri’s boyfriend is actually Dae.



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