Wilderness Episode 4: It’s time for the investigation so that we will know what happened after Cara’s death. Will Liv be caught by the police or not? Let’s find out in this episode-wise discussion. It started where episode 3 ended.

Liv urged Will to tell the whole truth about their affairs. Otherwise, she will inform everything to the police. So, we can say she is somehow blackmailing him. In fact, she was the last person who saw Cara in the forest.

Liv noticed “love” in Will’s eyes for Cara. But, she was still hallucinating about Cara. To remove these negative thoughts, she went to a bar and started drinking. She drank too much and confessed everything to a person, referring to him as “Priest.” She confessed to him that she killed Cara. Cara also accepted that she had no intention to kill her, so
she must have died in an accident. Okay, this person doesn’t exist; it’s still her hallucination.

She decided to move on with Will and started to live a casual life. Meanwhile, Bonnie wanted to invite everyone for the last time because of the sad death of Cara. Bonnie was the closest friend of Cara. She spoke some words about the death of her friend. Right then, the police joined them and informed them that Cara didn’t fall from the hill accidentally; instead, someone pushed her.

So, it’s a murder, not an accident. On the other side, Will is afraid that if the police find out about his relationship with Cara. Liv used this situation and asked him to reveal everything about her, and for that, he should delete everything (like photos, videos, etc.). Will also said that he gave her the key to their house. By doing so, the police might find out the truth. So, Liv asked Will to find the key anyhow.

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Meanwhile, in the office, Will entered Cara’s cabin to delete every note, email, or other crucial thing. At that time, Bonnie was present in that cabin, but she was fully drunk and unable to understand what was going on, so she left. Later, Will and Liv went to Garth’s house and tried to understand his situation. Garth informed them that the police were doubting everyone and interrogating everybody. They made some food for Garth, and Will took him into the kitchen. In this situation, Liv searched the whole house and finally found the key. So, she helped Will erase all traces of their involvement with Cara.

At that time, they met Detective Rawlins and Detective Wiseman, who were investigating the case. They invited Liv and Will for interrogation. After questioning both of them, one thing raised doubts in Detective Rawlins’ mind—the coincidence. She couldn’t understand how he met her colleagues on the same trip where he and his wife had planned to go. After the interrogation, they returned home. Liv went to meet her friend Ash. There, we understand that she has a relationship with Ash too. With Ash, she feels comfortable.

Later, we see an investigation going on with Bonnie. Bonnie revealed that Cara always used to go to the gym. So, the detective found a lead, and while watching the CCTV footage of the gym, they saw Liv there. So, they are one step closer to the truth. At the end, we see a tragic ending to this episode.

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There’s a knock on the door, and we might think the Detective is there to catch Liv. But, they actually went to arrest Garth for murdering Cara. On the other side, Caryl (mother of Liv) went to meet her daughter. Let’s find out what will happen next.



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