Wilderness Episode 1: A psychological six-episode British thriller drama series, “Wilderness,” is currently streaming on Amazon Prime with Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles. In this article, we are going to discuss the recap of this series. The series is about the story of a loving and caring couple, which turns into a revenge drama.

The series starts with a perfect couple, Liv Taylor and Will Taylor. Liv’s childhood wasn’t good at all, as her parents always quarreled. After meeting Will, she is happy now. But this is just the intro; let’s dive into this series to know Liv’s lifestyle.

The story began nine months earlier, with Liv and Taylor settling in and enjoying their life. Later that night, they joined a party where Will introduced her to another couple, Bonnie and Elliot. Liv used to be a journalist, but now she is a housewife. However, now she can do anything she wishes, like writing a novel, etc.

We see Liv’s chat with her mother, Caryl, is a bit confusing. So, this is Liv’s first Christmas in New York. She made a nice cake for Will, and at night he was surprised by this arrangement. In this situation, Liv finds a message from Sol, who is a workmate of Will. After watching the message, Liv felt cheated by her husband.

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She became upset and silent. Will confessed that he met her at a conference, and her full name is Emily. So, it looks like Will saved Emily’s name under his friend’s name, “Sol.” Liv thinks that Will is becoming like her father, and that’s what gives her pain. A beautiful Christmas Eve was just ruined, and Liv became completely alone.

Liv met her friend Ash to share her feelings. We understand that Liv doesn’t want to become like her mother. One thing we understand is that she hates her parents and is afraid of becoming like them. Liv met Will in a nightclub and fell in love because Liv also likes 90’s music. Liv was completely broken after watching her marriage video. She destroyed everything in her house and decided to move on.

Right then, Will returned to her house. Will tried to apologize for whatever he did, but Liv didn’t want to accept it. Right then, to make her happy, Liv invited him on a road trip with two tickets. This trip not only made Liv happy but also fulfilled her desire to go there. This finally worked, and Liv decided to forgive him. As she felt stuck in this apartment, she badly needed this road trip, a trip to the Grand Canyon and Arizona, etc.

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While booking the tickets, she opened Will’s laptop and found lots of emails and an MMS clip, which proved that Will had an affair with a different lady who demanded he leave Liv. After watching everything, Liv remained silent but completely destroyed from the inside.

Now, we’re back in the present. Liv and Will went on the road trip. Liv has a little bit of an image of her mother; she still prefers printed maps over Google Maps. In the heights of the Grand Canyon, she is thinking about getting rid of Will, as she knows that Will is cheating on her but just remains silent. Will is afraid of heights, and Liv knows it.

She invited him to the edge of a mountain and tried to push him but stopped after hearing a woman’s voice who needed help. To make it look like an accident, she found this perfect place, and by this, she wanted to end the chapter of Will. Liv thought of many ways to kill him but wanted something more memorable, tragic, and interesting. During rafting, Will’s balance was destroyed because Liv cut his balancing pouch.

So, Will fell from the boat. Just for a second, Liv thought to abandon him, but she helped him. The first plan was unsuccessful. They went for dinner late at night. Talking about the past, they became closer and started to become intimate. But this time, Will got a phone call from someone and stopped everything. For a minute, Liv started to forget everything and tried to enjoy with him, but she understood that the call was from that unknown lady. So, it looks like Will can’t get over that lady, which makes Liv very upset. So, will she seek vengeance again or not?

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Let’s move forward to know how Liv reacts to this and who is the lady with whom Will had an affair. To know the answer, we have to be patient and move on to the next episode.



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