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Why Theodora Wear Gloves in The Watcher? | Netflix

The Watcher has made its way into our mind-hive with tons of questions arising that trace back to the original question of “Who is The Watcher?” and along the way, those titbits of information of evidence make our guesses strong.

Along the series, we see a confession from one of the main characters of the series, Theodora Birch the Private Investigator who was helping Dean & Nora with finding the Watcher. She confesses at some point that she’s the watcher but was she telling the truth? Or did we miss that? And her way of dressing up and the way she conducted herself shows otherwise.

Theodora had a pretty explosive life before she became a Private Investigator. After a failed marriage when she chose alcohol over marriage to getting admitted to a rehab where she decided to do better and found another addiction i.e., solving mysteries followed by getting diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, she is trying to make up for that so after she’s gone her daughter and granddaughter don’t face difficulties financially.

She always wore gloves because of the weather. One could very well assume that she had been the culprit because in a scene we see that the stalker also wore gloves so it is a similar case. For someone who has cancer, her immune system might be weak so for that she’s taking precautions and wearing gloves. Other than that, when she’s in the hospital she isn’t wearing any because she’s in a controlled environment.

When she confessed to Dean about her being the Watcher, it was because she wanted Dean to let this go even if it takes her confessing to something she didn’t do it. She wanted Dean to stop obsessing over it and move on.


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