The Watcher House Update 2022: So you landed here because you have just finished the Netflix original newly released web series The  Watcher and after watching that you are not more excited to know about the new update on the House, we will also discuss what happened next and who are living in the house now.

As per various media and news reports, the house went for auction in 2016 and went unsold, it again went for auction in 2017, and there it sold for around $959,360 in 2017 as per the BBC News report.

Now the biggest question comes to mind who owns the House now? so the house is owned by Andrew and Allison Carr as per the Various Media reports, they are the same couple who bought the house for more than $959k in 2017.

Many of our readers were asking about the case status and the suspects of the incidents, as of now the old case is not solved yet, but the letters are not coming for the new house owners and everything is good as of now for them, there is no suspect in the case with Valid proofs as Investigation agencies found nothing strong against anyone.

So this was the latest update on The Watcher house, The name of the suspects, and the current owner of the house, what do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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