AppleTV+ has released their new original film titled “Raymond & Ray” which tells the story of two brothers who had a miserable childhood at the hands of their father, Harris, and now that he’s dead his final wish was that he should be buried by his sons who dig the grave themselves and then lower the casket into the ground and then cover the grave as well.

What happens while doing that, turns out to be a very much-needed therapeutic exercise for both brothers. However, Raymond played by Ewan McGregor does something interesting that is worth noting whenever he is entering a house, he knocks on the sides of the door 3 times. If you are also curious as to why would he do that, you’re at the right place.

When Raymond is entering Lucia’s home, he knocks on the door three times which Lucia catches she asks him why did he do that and what it mean, to which Raymond doesn’t give a proper, straightforward answer. However, if we listen closely, it’s his old habit that he considers a bad one.

It might mean that it’s his habit from childhood that has been with him and knocking on the door’s sides gives him a sense of relief and he feels safe upon doing that which is understandable because everyone has a different way of experiencing safety and Raymond’s way is knocking on the door’s sides.

Also, there can be a deep psychological meaning behind this one as well, or maybe he’s thinking something like a better future or hopes for a better one and he’s touching wood (in an idiom way) to avoid bad luck.



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