According to the latest HULU crime drama movie, 19-year-old Mary Anne was the last victim of the Boston Strangler and she is also the youngest of the 13 victims he killed earlier her body was found on January 4, 1964, in her apartment in Boston.

She was murdered brutally she was left sitting with her legs opened wide apart with a stick inserted in her private part, and the killer left a card in her foot reading “Happy New Year”.

How was the Boston Strangler caught?

After the police started searching for a criminal who is committing murders in Boston freely finally in 1964, a sketch of the criminal is produced and the authorities identified him as Albert DeSalvo, a resident of Malden Massachusetts, but for a long time police were not able to arrest him as there were not many pieces of evidence against him at that time but thanks to the DNA system they finally able to arrest him after 50 long years and many of his victims who managed to escape somehow identified him also.

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