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In His Shadow Le Roi des Ombres Movie Summary & Ending Explained: In His Shadow movie is now available on Netflix in French with English Subtitles. in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The story is about Ousmane who with his wife Agna who is pregnant with a child (Ibrahim), started a restaurant, the restaurant become quite popular quickly because there was no such place nearby for people to gather and talk everything was going fine, but one day everything changed when Ousmane bring women with him from his hometown, they are also with the baby (Adams).

Agna tries to protest against this but failed and women also started living with them, seeing fights between father and mother daily Ibrahim, turns out to be a lonely kid, who joined a gang of bad people and started doing illegal activities, when he was arrested by the police one day and Ousmane renounced him as his son, but that does not change him even he formed a gang after this.

Now Adam grew up with his father who tells him a lot of things, one day in an accident he lost his eyesight, and his mother Maimouna thinks this was all happened due to Agna, and daily tells Adam that she is so bad and also tells her about a witch, Ousmane teaches Adam that he is not weak and trained him, which made him a very good listener, and he sometimes makes music in his free time, one day due to heart attack Ousmane also passed away and now Adam and his mother thinks that they are not safe here from Ibrahim.

Aissata and Adams’s friend Malik were in love with each other but Ibrahim was against their relationship one day he bullied Malik brutally and he also uses to bully the elders living in Adam’s neighborhood by closing the life and forcing them to use the stairs, Ibrahim used to keep his illegal weapons money in Adams apartment and when he protested against it he said that it is his flat too.

Ending Explained

When Adam and his neighbors are bullied and tortured a lot by the gang, Adam decides to meet with the witch his mother tells him about, and when he meets with her by magic she gave him his eyesight back after that Adam goes to the gang to ask them to stop bullying them to avoid the war between two brothers, but they refused and Ibrahim kidnapped him, Adam does not tell them that he can see now so that they consider him weak.

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Ibrahim locked him in a basement and also bring his mother there, she told her mother that now he can see again, and waited with a rock in his hand to hit Ibrahim’s gang member as soon as the door opens he throws the rock but came to know that she was Agna, after knowing that she ran from there with her mother, he goes straight to Malik’s apartment and now only his mother and Malik knows that he is not blind anymore, Agna was sent to coma and now Ibrahim wants to kill Adam.

He knows that Malik knows about him and tortured him to tell him his location, later Adam goes to Ibrahim’s apartment to kill him however he is not as strong as him but has a great sense he turns off the light and stabs him with a knife and rescues Malik from there. And later he came to know that Ibrahim is dead.

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Police arrived there and said Adam to go thinking of him as a blind man and how he turns his weakness into his power as a teacher by his father, and by this, he saved his family and neighbor and the movie ends.


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