Who Stole The Bonds In Kaleidoscope

Who Stole The Bonds In Kaleidoscope? | Explained

Who Stole The Bonds In Kaleidoscope Who Has The Bonds?: In episode White, the story focuses on the day on which Leo and his crew heist the vault, but in this article, I am going to tell you everything about the bonds that determine who stole it and what. So, let’s see what happens in these articles.

As seen in the White episode, Leo and his crew began their mission to heist the bond, which is worth around 7 billion dollars, where we see that Leo, with the help of Bob, who is the master of locking the safe, is able to crack this vault safe, where we find that after opening the SLS’s vault, which is located underwater, is successfully unlocked and then, Ava loads the bonds in the box and transfers it to Judy, and Judy takes it to the elevator and from there

Who stole the bond?

The twist happened while loading the bond in the elevator. We see that Hannah manages to stop the elevator in the middle, and with the help of her sister, Liz Kim, they empty the bond and change it into colored paper, which Hannah then sends to the mailroom.

Here, we find that in the mission of the heist, Hannah is the one who takes advantage of all this, since no one is able to know about the bond, and we later find that Hannah told her father that she was going to give back this bond to the triplet so that she could get insurance.

This is also about the details of the bonds; for more information, you should read other articles. Let me know how much you enjoyed this show in the comments section.


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