The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Episode 1  Originally Titled Chiyu Mahou no Machigatta Tsukaikata:
“Chiyu Mahou No Machigatta Tsukaika,” known as “The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic” in English, is a recently streamed Japanese fantasy action-adventure series adapted from a manga series. We’re going to post an episode-by-episode recap for anime fans.

The first episode starts with one couple going in the school corridor. Both of them were school council presidents. The name of the girl was Inukami Suzune, and the name of the boy is Rysuzen Kazauki. There are so many characters giving their introductions.

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The episode begins; someone took the umbrella of one student. It was raining outside, and the school was about to close. His name was Usato, Ryseun helped him by giving him an umbrella. Usato was feeling special because he was walking with the most popular students of the school. Suzune asks Usato about his future plans, but he wasn’t having any special plans.

While going home, in the middle of the road, strange noises were coming, and suddenly, one golden portal opens. All three of them teleported to somewhere else. Suzune was feeling excited after reaching that place. The three of them weren’t able to believe that place. The king was giving them a task to become heroes of his kingdom. The king said he can’t send them back. Kazauki gets angry with King Llyod.

After having a talk with Llyod, they go with the king’s army to see a blue crystal ball. Suzume was so excited to feel the powers of the ball. Everyone had their powers, and they will come to know about their powers after touching that crystal ball.

Usato Sama has special powers. Everyone in the kingdom was shocked after seeing his powers. The king was so happy after coming to know about Usato Sama’s powers.

After that, Rose arrives in the kingdom. She was part of the king’s rescue squad. Rose takes Usato Sama with her, and she started hitting him. She said to the king that she will turn Usato into a healer. Both of Usato’s friends were shocked.

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Usato was feeling nervous at Rose’s place. Rose leaves Usato with the guards for training, and Episode 1 ends.


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