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Who Plays ‘Twig’ In ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’: Actor Name, Character Explained

Who Plays ‘Twig’ In ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’: Twig is also a highlighted character in the series The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. The show received a decent response from the audiences and now By the demand of the users, we are gonna discuss her character .

In the series, the character of Twig is played by 53-year-old,Leah Purcell. She is an Australian Actress & did movies like “Shayda”(2023),”The Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson”(2022),”Mary: The Making of a Princess”(2015),”David Stratton: A Cinematic Life”(2017),”Tomorrow”(2009), “Somersault”(2004), “Somewhere in the Darkness”(1999).

She did series like “All My Friends Are Racist”(2021), “House of Hancock”(2015), “Janet King”(2014), “Wentworth”(2013), “Fallen Angels”(1997), “Police Rescue”(1991).

Tiwg is a lady love of June Hart, along with her she runs the whole of Thornfield. Candy is her & June’s adopted child. Twig is faithful to her wife, June but because of June’s over-secretive nature, their relationship starts cracking. June hides about Alice’s brother,which hurts Twig the most. So, she left her but later also returned after getting the news that June’s health became worse day by day. So, she was been with June till her last breath.

This is all about Twig. If any questions you want to know, feel free to ask.



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