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Web Series and Similar Shows Like ‘Painkiller’: Netflix presents the American Crime Drama series “Painkiller,” which is based on real events. This series is currently streaming on Netflix in Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles.

This six-episode limited series tells the story of Purdue Pharma Company and how their new medicine became a health threat to people. As people love this series, we are going to discuss some similar shows like “Painkiller.”

  1. The Dropout: It’s also a biographical series based on some serious events. Hulu’s “The Dropout” series is based on a biotechnology company, Theranos, and its owner Elizabeth Holmes’s life. This award-winning web series is perfect to watch if you really loved “Painkiller.”
  2. Ratched: Netflix presents “Ratched,” also a medical suspense thriller series. This series is all about Mildred Ratched, who arrives at a psychiatric hospital as a nurse and discovers lots of secrets. One season of this thriller series is currently streaming on Netflix.
  3. The Pharmacist: If you liked the “Painkiller” series, then it’s definitely for you. This documentary series is about a man, Dan Schneider, who is trying to find his son’s killer, as his son died in a drug-related shootout. Later, he discovered his addiction and high dose of OxyContin. This series is related to “Painkiller” as in the “Painkiller” series, they found OxyContin became an epidemic. One season of this documentary is currently streaming on Netflix.
  4. Dr. Death: This American crime series is all about Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon who became famous for killing his own patients. This series is streaming on the Peacock platform. You can watch it if you really like crime drama series.
  5. Dopestick: This series is also based on drugs. It shows how Americans suffered in an epidemic when a medicine company produced a new product. This is also based on Purdue Pharma Company. This critically acclaimed series is currently streaming on Hulu.

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