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Who Plays ‘Candy’ In ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’: Actor Name, Character Explained

‘Candy’ In ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’: Candy is a supporting Character in the series. People want to know more about her so we will discuss who played the character of Candy with an explanation of his character.

In the series the character ” Candy” is played Frankie Adams, she is a 29 years old New-Zealand actress. Some of her movies are “Mortal Engines”(2018),”Minimum Mass”(2020),”Next Goal Wins”(2023),”One Thousand Ropes”(2017). She also been a part in series like “The Expanse”(2015),”The Panthers”(2021).

Candy is the adopted child of June and Twig. So, Clem & Candy were brought up together. But, there was an affair between Clem & Candy which went in a very bad direction. To save Candy, June fixed the marriage of Clem with Agnes. Candy is also supportive in nature she adopted Alice knowing about that she is Clem’s daughter. She took care of June till her last breath.

That’s all about Candy. Hope your quarries are cleared if not then you can ask in the comment section.


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