Clem Hart’ In ‘The lost flowers of Alice Hart: Clem Hart played a grey character in this series. As people are demanding to know about the character who played,we are going to discuss it with a character explanation.

In the series, the character ” Clem Hart” is played by Charlie Vickers. He is a 31 years old English actor. He did a movie “Palm Beach”(2019). He did few series like ” The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”(2022),”
Medici: Masters of Florence”(2016).

Clem Hart is the Father of Alice & husband of Agnes Hart. He is a only child of June Hart. His character is very bad-tempered, he used to beat own child. Not only this in this series it revealed that he forcefully tried to intimate with his sister Candy. He thought about to sell Thornfield & renovating it but when June became a barrier of his plan, He also wanted to strangle his mother too. he died in the fire .

So, this is all about Clem Hart. If you have any more questions left ask in the comment section.



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