Who Plays Caine In John Wick Chapter 4? : John Wick Chapter 4 has been released in the theatres and is wreaking havoc. For all the fans who have waited 4 years for this are loving it and for good enough reason. Not only do we get to watch Keanu Reeves killing bad guys but the creators have brought to us another treat in the form of Donnie Yen who is also playing a pivotal role in the film.

If you’re interested in his origin and what character he plays, stay with us.

What Character Does Donnie Yen Play In John Wick Chapter 4?? His Origin

Donnie Yen is a Chinese Martial Artist who does not need an introduction but he is quite known for his Ip Man Trilogy. In John Wick, he plays the role of Caine who is a blind man and a former associate of John, and a friend. He has a daughter and he had left the business a while back for that, he had to give his eyes but in Chapter 4 the Marquis brings him back for a final job to kill John threatening him against his daughter.

Caine who is now blind is brought back but is incredibly sharp with respect to his surroundings and uses them to his advantage. Not only that, he actually cares as well for his friends.

There are numerous times when Caine hesitates to kill just because he still considers that person a friend and does not want to kill him. We also see him helping John reach the destination of the duel when he is outnumbered when he was the nomination/challenger that John was supposed to fight.



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