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John Wick Chapter 4 Ending Explained: Does John Die? How Does He Die?

John Wick, after a four-year wait, has finally arrived at the theatres and brought with it, the conclusion of what John has been continuously trying for PEACE! We saw John getting shot by Winston at the end of Chapter 3 but was saved by Bowery King who gives him shelter and helps John in preparing for his revenge.

In Chapter 4, we see John finally going face to face with the High Table for his freedom but does he get it, that’s the real question. More so, does he die or not in this one, after all, all men must die at some point right? If you don’t mind the spoilers, let’s go

Does John Die In Chapter 4?? How Does He Die?

John, at the beginning of the film, kills the elder of the High Table which makes the High Table grant all of their decision power to the Marquis played by Bill Skarsgard who is a ruthless and arrogant leader who starts to take rash decisions to kill John and demolishing the Intercontinental Hotel of New York whose owner is Winston.

Winston gives John the idea of going by the old rules of the High Table and challenging the Marquis to a duel to the death and which he cannot deny so John does that after getting reinstated with his old family that sits at the High Table. However, in the duel, there are some rules and Winston becomes his second which means that if John loses, Winston also has to die with him right then. Marquis, on the other hand, nominates Caine played by Donnie Yen to fight in his place.

After so much bloodshed, John with the help of his own friend Caine comes to the location of the duel where he and Caine were going to go against each other in a duel of pistols. John, at one point, gets shot in the stomach and Marquis takes that opportunity to mark an example by killing John and invoking a rule by nominating himself back into the duel.

However, the duel only progresses if both the parties have shot at each other and it was only Caine who had shot but John still had to go and then he shoots Marquis in the head, killing him. This way, he saves his friend Caine and also kills Marquis who was responsible for Shimazu’s death.

However, after his fight Caine thanks him and leaves. John who is wounded asks Winston to take him home and takes his gear off as he comes down the stairs and sits. He remembers his wife and thinks about how he is free now and then lies down on the stairs. The next scene we see is of Winston and Bowery King standing near the grave of John Wick with the words engraved “Loving Husband”.

John Wick dies at the end of the movie but his death means something because he didn’t die until he was free of any obligations of him toward anyone. He died after he became a free man and that means something.

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