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Nothing Like Paris Ending Explained: Does Jojo And Mary Get Back Together?

Nothing Like Paris Ending Explained: Amazon Prime Video Original Walang kaParis aka “Nothing Like Paris” starring Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy Marquez has been released. While the pairing of these two brings back memories of Kita Kita, it does get our expectations high for this one.

The film tells us about a couple where Jojo or Joseph seems to have forgotten his girlfriend Mary and she’s trying to make him remember their times together with the events that happened and it is based on a true story. If you’re interested in how the film ends, you’re at the right place.

Do Jojo and Mary get back together?

Jojo and Mary used to study in the same school but then Jojo moved to Manila and when he comes back for his studies in Baguio, he meets Mary on his first day in a restaurant where she was a waitress. His charm and consistency mixed with his funny nature make Mary attracted to him and the two instantly hit it off.

We see them out on hikes and having fun together until one day Jojo is coming back home and is hit by a car which makes him forget some of his memories and in that, those are the recent memories of Mary where they were together. Now starts the effort by Mary to make Jojo remember all of their memories until she gives up.

Years later, she finds Jojo’s picture in a magazine and she finds out that Jojo is in Paris and goes there. She finds him working as a mime and also doing the coffee painting. However, Jojo drew this painting of Mary during their time together and he still keeps that with him. He thinks that she’s the one for him but he hasn’t met her or anything.

When he meets Mary, he doesn’t recognize her and it was the persistent effort of Mary that after some time, they both start to work together as mimes and Jojo likes that. The two get into a relationship but Jojo doesn’t feel like in love after some time and he breaks it off with her on their six-month anniversary.

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Heartbroken Mary gives up trying and goes away giving her painting to Bernard who is Jojo’s roommate. Years later, when Jojo has a gallery now he finds that painting and the words written by him behind that he remembers all of their memories together and how Mary’s efforts. He meets Mary and confesses that he remembers everything and now he can love her back for all the love she’s given him but Mary doesn’t agree with that and says that maybe fate doesn’t want to see them together.

At the end of the film, as Jojo is doing some work with the melting clocks (painting by Salvatore Galli), he meets Mary and the two go out for a coffee we see them hitting it off instantly dancing together and mimes and well, that’s the happy ending we all wanted, isn’t it?

Nothing Like Paris is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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