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Who Is The King Of Diamond In Alice In Borderland? | Explained

Alice In Borderland Season 2 has dropped on Netflix and this Season focuses on the face cards of the whole deck starting from Jack to King, However, what is different in this Season for the challenges that there’s a boss in the challenges?

For example, if the players are playing against King of Heart then they will compete against the existing King of Hearts who has himself set the game.

However, the Bosses of these games turn out to be someone that we’ve already seen before in Seasons 1 and 2, One of them is the King of Diamond, the wittiest challenge of this Season. Let’s take a look at who is the King of Diamond and what challenges does he set for the players?

The King of Diamond – Who is it?

Number 2 of “The Beach”, a utopia that we saw in Season 1 which burns down, Kuzuryi turns out to be the King of Diamond, He escapes after the Beach burns down along with Mira. Upon asking why was he at the Beach, he answers that he was curious about what was happening there so he came. He was the Number 2 after Hatter, who was Number 1.

What Challenge Does The King Of Diamond Set For The Players?

This one has to be the trickiest of all. As for the challenge, the Diamond Challenges are the battle of wits, and being the King, Kuzuryu sets a worthy game, Here’s what the game was about.

Players have to guess a number between 0-100 in 3 minutes, After the average of those numbers will be multiplied by 0.8 and the original numbers that the players chose, whichever is closest to the multiplied average will win.

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Each player starts from 0 and if they win that round, their score goes up by 1 and if they lose, it goes down by -1. If the score reaches -10 then it’s game over for that player.

However, it’s not an easy death for them as above their heads a container is getting filled with Sulphuric Acid each time they lose the round, and when the game is over for a player, that acid is poured on that player.

Who Wins The King Of Diamond’s Game?

The game which was a battle of wits right from the start and allowed the players to get into the psychology of others and predict the numbers turns into something more when it’s only Chishiya and Kuzuryu right at the end.

Kuzuryu’s ideology is revealed as he was a lawyer in the real world and he reminisces about the treatment the rich give to the poor and the inequality which doesn’t match with his ideals as a lawyer that everyone is equal in front of the law. This becomes a match of ideals and Chishiya, on the other hand, relates to his ideals as he reminisces about his experience as a doctor which makes him declare what answers he’s going to choose before Kuzuryu chooses his.

Kuzuryu’s ideology was that everyone deserves an equal chance and we should fight for equality which is why he chose a game that is fair to everyone. Now, when only Kuzuryu and Chishiya only remain and Kuzuryu is leading by 2 points, to make it a fair fight, he loses two consecutive games so their scores are leveled.

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In the last round, Chishiya again shows the number he had chosen for himself and Kuzuryu who is thinking about the value of human life and can a human life’s value be determined.

Of his career and in the game itself, he has never made a choice all by himself and his ideals and in that last game he remembers a conversation he had with Momoka before she kills herself and becomes the witch which we saw in Season 1, she makes him realize that it’s her ideals that she chose herself to be the witch. Kuzuryu in the end based on his ideals and his own choice chooses to lose and Chishiya wins that round.



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