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What Happens To Aguni In Alice In Borderland Season 2?

What Happens To Aguni In Alice In Borderland Season 2?: Alice In Borderland has officially returned on Netflix after a year-long wait what drives the show is the unique plot and along with it the backstories and how the players conduct themselves inside the game country sticking to their ideals or letting themselves get forgotten in the games, it’s the characters and their drives that make the show worthwhile.

Aguni is one of those characters who start off as a negative one who moves forward to wreaking havoc after he was forced to kill his best friend for the greater good and starts to despise and blame the people.

However, Aguni returned in Season 2 and is with a girl on a quest to kill The King Of Spades. If you’re curious about what happens to Aguni, you’re at the right place.

What Happens To Aguni? Does he kill The King Of Spades?

Aguni along with Alice, Usagi, Kuina, Ann, and Heiya plan to take down the King of Spades. In that pursuit, Alice is tasked with filling up the drugstore with gas and the rest will be luring him to that drugstore which will later be bombed by an explosive made by Chishiya.

However, during that whole plan execution, Ann, Heiya, Kuina get badly hurt to the point that they can hardly move and Usagi is stabbed in both her legs making her unable to walk on her own.

Aguni and The King Of Spades fight each other and Aguni is being badly beaten up by the King Of Spades but when Aguni sees Heiya badly hurt because of The King Of Spades, he is fuelled with anger and beats up The King Of Spades. However, Aguni is later shot by him and Alice lures him to the drugstore to the point that Alice is inside the drugstore waiting for him and The King Of Spades is outside.

Aguni comes from the back and pushes the King Of Spades inside the drugstore and asks Alice to throw the explosive but Alice doesn’t and picks up Aguni the both jump out of the store throwing the explosive inside and Aguni shoots it in mid-air causing a big explosion that leaves The King Of Spades defeated.

Aguni, stands up after and kills the King Of Spades and then moves ahead to kill himself but is stopped by the vision of Hatter who was his best friend.

Later he sits down unable to move and is met by Heiya where they’re asked their choices if they want to continue as permanent residents inside the game country and both of them decline that offer.

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Aguni and Heiya come back from the game country and Heiya who loses her leg in reality as well is roaming in the hospital when she sees Aguni in the operation theatre where he’s battling death and is saved.



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