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Who Is Moriarty In Enola Holmes 2? | Netflix | Ending Explained

Who Is Moriarty In Enola Holmes 2: The much-awaited Netflix sequel ‘Enola Holmes 2’ has made its way to our TV Screens just recently and it has been making waves. However, this time it’s twice the danger that we saw Enola take along with it, the antagonist is also someone who wields a lot of power meaning Enola did not have it easy in this film and that is right.

The film felt like Enola’s test to see what she’s made of by taking her from the working class to the upper middle class that wields power and also had her working with her older brother Sherlock.

The film starts with Enola starting her own detective agency but soon finds herself in her brother Sherlock’s shadows and when she feels defeated to the point that it looks like no one is going to come looking to her for help, a young girl named Bessie asks help to find her sister Sarah who worked at the matchstick factory and has gone missing. Felt like a simple case of tracking down a girl, she finds out slowly that there’s a bigger plan in motion.

The Holmes siblings which had decided to not get involved in each other’s cases find themselves intertwined in each other’s cases. The girl Enola is looking for, is a piece of puzzle that will help Sherlock track down the elusive villain who seems to be playing a game with him. In that pursuit, Enola becomes a wanted criminal as well.

It is after too much bloodshed that the Holmes siblings find out the real culprit, Miss Mira Troy, the secretary of Treasury Minister Lord McIntyre. Sherlock’s case had someone channeling money from different government and sending it through various banks, making it impossible to track down the identity.

Moreover, the times the film is set in, the other reason Miss Mira Troy was not paid any heed was that she was a woman. What Miss Troy had going would’ve been fine but Lord McIntyre’s deal with William Lyon’s father messed it up.

The deal was to keep using white phosphorous in the factory despite it being a health hazard. To expose this corruption, Sarah stokes the pages that contained the details of this transaction or a business deal and that the money trail was a bad thing for Miss Troy along with the two men who were part of the deal.

In the end, Miss Troy, who revealed herself as Moriarty in the cipher is arrested but promises to return and she does, in a similar fashion to Enola’s escape. The newspaper picture contained a toppled-over carriage meaning that she didn’t do it alone and had help from outside.


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