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Why Does Enola Reject Partnership Idea from Sherlock? | Enola Holmes 2

Why Does Enola Reject Partnership Idea from Sherlock?: The much-awaited Netflix sequel ‘Enola Holmes 2’ has made its way to our TV Screens just recently and it has been making waves.

However, this time it’s twice the danger that we saw Enola take along with it, the antagonist is also someone who wields a lot of power meaning Enola did not have it easy in this film and that is right.

The film felt like Enola’s test to see what she’s made of by taking her from the working class to the upper middle class that wields power and also had her working with her older brother Sherlock.

However, the film ended on a good note with all the loose strings unloose, after the cases are solved Enola is offered a partnership by Sherlock to work together on all cases but Enola refuses that proposal. Why is that, you ask? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. In the film when Enola opens her own agency, she is seen just as a girl, a secretary to Sherlock and a “can’t she get Mr. Sherlock on the case” girl.

For an ambitious girl with a great detective like her brother, things were tough when she put her feet into the very thing her brother has a reputation in. Not only that, even Sherlock was skeptical of her and gave her advice to leave this and go back to a life of comfort. Even at the end, when Sherlock realizes her skills and the fire within her, Sherlock offers partnership but Enola refuses.

Well, in all the ideal conditions she would’ve said yes but for her to be a successful detective and make a name of herself she needs to not be with Sherlock because the world is just going to start to see her as “a girl” with Mr. Sherlock and she’ll remain just that. That is why she refuses.



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