Where Is Lori Kinrade and Her Daughter Bri-Anne Kinrade, Husband Now?: Paranormal Revenge Episode 1 has been released where we get to know about the case of Lori Kinrade. She experienced paranormal activities in her house, which was pretty frightening but she also found ways to solve them.

Who is the husband of Lori Kinrade?

Lori’s husband’s name is Freddy, she met him when she was in college. They quickly started liking each other and soon married. Freddy wasn’t as good as she thought about him. He was very abusive towards Lori. Lori thought changing houses might solve the problem of Freddy, so they moved to a new place and bought a new house. Lori liked the house but she didn’t know that it’s a haunted place. Everything started to fall apart after they moved to that house.

Where is that haunted House where Lori Kinrade Lives?

Lori wanted a quiet and safe place where she could raise her daughter Bri-Anne. So she chose to move to “Essa County Ontario” where they also bought the house. Lori and her three-year-old daughter started hearing and seeing paranormal things in that house. Lori even sees the ghost who is haunting the house.

Lori Kinrade was talking to her and they were looking at some old photos of this place. Then Lori sees the photo of an old lady. Lori thought she saw that old lady somewhere, and quickly remembered that it was the same lady she had seen that night. The lady was the owner of that house before Lori bought the house. She died a few years ago and might be living there as a ghost. She didn’t like strangers invading her space. That’s why she haunts Lori and her daughter.

Lori knew that she had to rid of that ghost to save her daughter. She did some research and did an ancient method which is going to help that ghost and send her where she needs to be. After that, Lori never saw or felt any paranormal activities, but her happiness was gone because of her husband.

What happened to Lori’s Husband?

Lori was very upset with her husband Freddy, because of his abuse. One day left Freddy and never came back. Lori divorced Freddy and according to the divorce agreement, Lori will take the house. Lori and Bri-Anne again live in that house without any problem. After some time Lori finds out that Freddy is going to die, so she and her daughter meet him in the hospital. They still feared Freddy.

The Next few days the doctor removed the life support from Freddy. It’s been 14 years since Freddy died and Lori, and Bri-Anne living happily. They started experiencing paranormal activities again after 14 years of Freddy’s death. They were sure that it was Freddy who was haunting them. Freddy feels betrayed by what Lori and Bri-Anne did to him. So, he thought of taking revenge on them, by making their life hell.

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Where is Lori and Her Daughter Bri-Anne Kinrade Now?

After the death of Freddy, Lori takes the ashes of his body as a memory. But the ashes were the only connection between Lori and Freddy. So, Lori and Bri-Anne take the ashes and drop them in the sea.

Lori and Bri-Anne still live in that house in Essa County Ontario. Lori started working as a psychic, to help those who face these types of paranormal activities.



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