Haunted House of Clyde Morrison Location: The first episode of Paranormal Revenge tells us two Paranormal stories and one of them is the story of Clyde Morrison, who was haunted by a ghost when he was just 13 years old. He started fearing dark places after that.

Where is the haunted house of Clyde Morrison?

When Clyde was 13 years old his family moved to “Menifee California” where Clyde started experiencing paranormal activities. Clyde’s parents had to move in because of his dad’s job. They wanted a quiet place.

Clyde’s father was a police officer, and criminals feared him. Due to his job, They couldn’t eat in restaurants. If anyone sees them it will be very bad for them as every criminal is angry with Clyde’s Father. They can hurt Clyde and his family, so they have to be careful.

One day Clyde’s parents went to another state for some work and Clyde and his brother were home alone. Clyde and his brother heard someone yelling but thought it was someone outside. But soon someone slammed the shutter, which made Clyde and his brother more frightening. They run toward the house of a neighbor and tell them what happened. The neighbor checks their house and finds nothing. After that incident, Clyde always started seeing an entitlement when sleeping. The entities didn’t have any faces.

Who was that Ghost haunting Clyde?

When their home was being made, Clyde found out their home was being made on a place that was a burial ground. He first that’s why it’s haunting him, but soon questions why it’s only haunting him. He then remembers that he one day checked the camera of his father. Where he saw a photo of a man who blew his head before his dad could catch him. The guy blamed Clyde’s father for arresting him, so he blew himself before he could arrest him. That’s why that guy haunts Clyde to do the exact revenge on his dad.

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How Clyde get rid of that Ghost?

Clyd didn’t do anything, the ghost haunted him for 5 years every night, and after he became 18 he left the house. And after that, he never saw him.



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