Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries is back with another season and is giving us some great stories that still remain unsolved one of the Episodes is “Something in The Sky” which touches upon the ever-eyebrow-raising question of the existence of aliens or UFOs.

The Episode focuses on the fateful night of March 8, 1994, when hundreds of people in Michigan, USA reported witnessing a strange phenomenon in the sky. The Episode features William Konkolesky of the Mutual UFO Network & Virginia Tilly, an investigator at the organization at that time.

The Episode focussed on that specific sighting of March 8, 1994, from the point of view of William Konkolesky & Virginia Tilly who interviewed people who seemed to have seen a tall water tower that was like a high waterfall, about 20 feet wide and was lit from behind and above which was backed by the Meteorologist Jack Bushong.

However, this is still unexplained, and here’s how the investigators of the sighting at that time are doing now

William Konkolesky is a Bachelor of Applied Science in Education and is currently employed at the Oakland Community College in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He also worked as a Historical Present for a few months in 2002.

He still holds the Michigan Chapter’s Director position at MUFON and also works as an Educational Paraprofessional at the community college. He lives in Clawson, Michigan right now. In September 2022, he spoke about UFO sightings at the East Tawas, Michigan, City Hall.

Virginia Tilly studied Education and English at Concordia University in Illinois & Education at Andrew University in Michigan. She’s currently retired and settled in Cape Coral, Florida with her extended family.



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