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What happens to Ben in Never Have I Ever season 4? | Explained

What happens to Ben in Never Have I Ever season 4?: The way the character Ben was introduced in the show, everyone thought that the character would end up being something like a below-average character in the show. Shockingly, the character of Ben starts getting better and bigger with each passing season, and by Season 4, it turns out to be a winner for me.

Now, many of you have been asking about what happened to Ben by the end of Never Have I Ever Season 4. Here, we are going to tell you about it.

Ben gets accepted into his dream university, Columbia, and he is so happy about it. The only issue until the last episode of the show was his relationship status, and by the end of the show, he manages to fix that too. In the last episode, we see Ben flying back to Nirmala’s wedding, where he confesses his love for Devi. Devi also agrees with him and confesses her love.

Right after this, they ride a bicycle to Ben’s house and become intimate. They also decide that they will continue to meet each other in college since Columbia and Princeton are not so far apart, and then Devi flies to Princeton.

In the last few minutes of the show, we see that Devi and Ben are together, watching something and enjoying their good time.

So, by the end of Never Have I Ever, everything is good for Ben, and he ends up getting everything he wanted: his dream college and his dream girl.



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