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What happens to Paxton in Never Have I Ever season 4? Did he Joined the College Again?

What happens to Paxton in Never Have I Ever season 4?: Paxton and Devi were two of the most talked-about characters from the show. They were in the news for a long time since Season 1 was released. There was controversy regarding the real age of Devi and Paxton as well.

As the show is going to end after Season 4, there is one question that is haunting everyone’s mind: Who was Paxton, and what happened to him? Another question about Paxton is whether he joined the college again. Here, we are going to tell you everything about it.

Let’s have a quick recap of the last few episodes to better understand things. After Paxton joined the new college, he wasn’t happy there as he didn’t have any friends and wasn’t getting attention from anyone. After a few months, he left the college and rejoined his former school as a swim coach. He thought everything would be okay after that since he was back at his own school, but things went horribly wrong.

He didn’t receive respect even from his juniors, and many labeled him as a loser. He was very disturbed to hear things about his career behind his back. Time heals everything, and the same happens with Paxton in the show too. He manages to regain his respect and starts liking his job at the school. Amidst all this, he kisses Devi again, and after that kiss, they call it off forever, deciding that they will never be in a relationship again.

In the last few minutes of the episode, we see Paxton calling the college admission department and asking if he could get admission again. The college responds positively, and he decides to join the college again.



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