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Does Peter Help Jack? Your Place or Mine | Netflix | Explained

Does Peter Help Jack? : Your Place or Mine is a Netflix Rom-Com Film written and directed by Aline Brosh McKenna, The film stars Reese Witherspoon, Ashton Kutcher, Jesse Williams, Zoë Chao, Wesley Kimmel, and more.

As Peter comes to LA he tries to help Jack by making his friends. Peter first tries by Buying a Luxury Box in a Hockey match and showing off that he buys a Luxury Box, it’s sort of a bribing thing, but his plan backfires because Evan and Wade didn’t want to talk with Jack.

Peter’s first plan became a flop, so he makes another plan that Jack should play hockey for the team where Evan and Wade are playing. Peter first contacts the coach and asks him to give him a chance to Jack. Jack then plays a match with his team and impresses everyone with his playing style. In the end, Evan and Wade start talking with Jack.

Ending ExplainedYour Place or Mine Ending Explained | Netflix

I think Jack shouldn’t make this type of boy his friends, they are greedy and i think Evan and Wade never cared about Jack. What’s Your Opinion on it? Let us know in the comments!!



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