Wednesday Season 1 Ending Explained: Wednesday has finally arrived on Netflix after much wait, this spin-off of The Addams Family is both interesting and supernaturally fun to watch with twists and turns but overall, a not so normie look inside the world of The Addams Family is good every single time. Created by Tim Burton, Alfred Gough & Miles Millar, the first Season contains eight Episodes, each an hour runtime.

It tells the story of Wednesday Addams who is admitted to a special boarding school of Nevermore, an academy that is for the outcasts or people with special abilities. After Wednesday had changed eight schools in the last five years, the parents Gomez and Morticia decide to enroll their daughter Wednesday at Nevermore Academy.

After arriving in Nevermore, Wednesday instantly finds herself in a mix when she witnesses the murder of Rowan who first tries to kill Wednesday stating that her mother had told him that Wednesday would be the end of Nevermore Academy but before he could kill Wednesday, he gets killed by a monster.

That sends an aspiring author, Wednesday into becoming a sleuth to solve this murder mystery and with that, she uncovers secrets about Nevermore and the town of Jericho where the academy is located.

Her investigation gets her to a bitter truth about her ancestor Goody and the town’s founder Joseph Crackstone, finding out both of them were enemies and how Joseph tried to burn the outcasts of Jericho which Goody is able to escape but then he takes his revenge on Joseph later. It isn’t until later that Wednesday along with her Uncle Fester is able to solve the mystery of the killer.

They find out that it is a creature called The Hyde that is killing people. Upon reading Faulkner’s diary, they realize that Hydes are artists in nature but very vicious, they lay dormant inside the body of the person until some traumatic experience brings it out. There’s another way of bringing the Hyde out which is through hypnosis and if that happens, the person who brings it out becomes the master of the Hyde.

It is with the sketch of the Hyde made by Xavier that Uncle Fester is able to make sense of what they’re dealing with which makes Xavier a prime suspect as well but after his arrest after the murder of Dr. Kinbott, Xavier claims that he’s not guilty which has Wednesday dig further until she finds out that it’s Tyler, her love interest who’s the Hyde.

Initially looking like a normie, he seemed to have inherited the monstrous ability from his late mother who was also a Hyde. As for the Hyde’s master, it turns out to be Marylin Thornhill, the only normie educator & the den mother at the Academy whose real name is Laurel Gates and a descendant of Joseph Crackstone, the town’s owner who tries to burn all the outcasts.



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