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Kantara Hindi OTT Release Date On Prime Video

Hombale Picture’s Kantara is going to release on Amazon Prime on November 24th, 2022 In Kannada, Tamil & Telugu, and Malayalam but not Hindi. After hearing Hindi is not releasing on the same date some fans become furious on amazon for constantly delaying south Indian film’s Hindi versions, recently released Ponniyin Selvan Hindi version also got Delayed.

Why did the Kantara Hindi version get Delayed?

Kantara Hindi version not Releasing on the same date as other Languages on Amazon Prime because of 8-Week OTT Window, 8-Week OTT window is the main reason why Ponniyin Selvan – I Hindi got delayed and Bollywood films like Dhoka and Chup also delayed.

What is an 8-Week OTT Window?

8-Week OTT Window means that producers can’t release their movies on ott before not completing 8-Weeks in theatres, In simple words, you have to wait at least 50 – 55 days if you want to see Hindi dubbed or Bollywood movies on ott. It’s Only Applicable to those movies whose maker wants to Release their movie’s on National Multiplex Chains Like PVR, Cinepolis & INOX.

What happens if makers don’t want to follow the 8-week OTT Window?

If makers don’t want to follow the 8-Week OTT Window then they can’t release their Hindi dubb or Hindi movies on National Multiplex Chains. Recently released Yashoda is the main example, makers did not want to follow the 8-Week OTT Window That’s why Yashoda is not released on National Multiplex Chains.

Some people are gonna say this is stupid but it’s actually a good thing for theatres. If you want to see a specific movie in Hindi then go watch it in theatres.



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