Wedding Impossible Episode 7 Recap and Explained: Amazon Prime presents a romantic family drama series called ‘Wedding Impossible‘. The story revolves around a rich young man of a wealthy family, who tries to overcome the struggles of succession pressure from his grandfather.

The young man hires his close lady friend to act as a wife for three years to avoid getting married under the rules of his grandfather. Things get messy when his brother starts showing feelings for the girl he’s going to marry.

Episode 7 opens with a conversation between Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han after a family meeting. Lee Ji Han assures that he won’t oppose the marriage of Na A Jeong and Lee Do Han. With a depressed face, Lee Ji Han accepts the decision to move on from opposing Na A Jeong. At the same time, Na A Jeong was shocked to see the unexpected change in Lee Ji Han.

He gave a small paper toy to Na A Jeong and left the place. The next day morning, she woke up and kept thinking about the last night’s conversation. Na A Jeong couldn’t believe Lee Ji Han accepted her marriage to Lee Do Han. Earlier he opposed their marriage and showed feelings for Na A Jeong, but now changes everything.

In the morning, Na A Jeong went to meet Lee Ji Han’s friend and enquired about his recent activities. Lee Ji Han was recently involved in many self-care activities to calm down his anger and learn to accept any tough decisions. Later that night, Lee Ji Han met with Yoon Chae Won on a dinner date and expressed her interest in him. They had a few drinks before leaving the restaurant. Meanwhile, Lee Do Han’s family members tried to expose the real identity of his bride Na A Jeong to the news portals.

The next day morning, Na A Jeong’s father and her nephew went for a walk, a stranger showed a photo of their house and asked about LJ group’s daughter-in-law’s house. They felt shocked at first, the kid mistakenly said it was their house but Na A Jeong’s father corrected that they didn’t know anything about the house.

Meanwhile, Na A Jeong’s sister and mother were standing in front of her house, and suddenly a reporter approached them. He asked the same question as other reporters, they wanted to know about Na A Jeong and her family background. Na A Jeong’s family members lied to the reporter that the house is not Na A Jeong’s, they also added that they didn’t know anything about the LJ group.

When the reporter left the house, everyone gathered and took a decision to transfer Na A Jeong from the house. If she stays at the house, the family members will also get exposed eventually. Na A Jeong took her belongings and left her home. Lee Do Han arranged everything for Na A Jeong at his apartment. He was already surprised that Lee Ji Han approved his marriage.

Later that day, Lee Ji Han got back from the office. He begins to bathe in an apartment, he keeps thinking about forgetting his emotional thoughts towards Na A Jeong. After finishing the bath, he came out of the washroom with a towel, he suddenly met Na A Jeong in the hall and was shocked for some time. Lee Do Han talked with Lee Ji Han about the problems that occurred recently at Na A Jeong’s house. Lee Ji Han finally accepted her stay at his house.

The next day morning, Lee Ji Han made breakfast for Na A Jeong and kept calling her sister-in-law continuously. Na A Jeong tried to help him with basic homely work, but Lee Ji Han insisted on doing everything by himself. Na A Jeong enquired about the real wish of Lee Ji Han, but he again confirmed that he wished for their marriage.

Lee Do Han’s grandfather found out that his siblings leaked the information about Na A Jeong’s real identity to the press. On the other side, Lee Do Han went to his studio and checked the surveillance footage, he saw his ex-boyfriend meet with Na A Jeong in front of the studio. Lee Do Han rushes into his ex-boyfriend’s house and warns him not to interfere in his personal life anymore. Meanwhile, Na A Jeong’s sister finds the marriage contract documents in her room and goes straight to Lee Do Han’s house. Her sister gets angry and quarrels with Na A Jeong for faking the marriage. Na A Jeong starts having second thoughts on the marriage.

Lee Ji Han calls his friend to accompany him for late-night drinks. He wants to go home late, so he can avoid contact with Na A Jeong. On the other side, Lee Do Han went with Na A Jeong’s father to have some drinks and chat chats. He carried his father-in-law to Na A Jeong’s house safely. When he returns home, he expresses his happiness in marrying Na A Jeong.

The next day, Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong went to purchase the wedding dress, and after a few dresses, they fixed on a particular costume. Suddenly, Lee Ji Han entered the room and took Na A Jeong outside the dress studio. In an epilogue, Lee Ji Han is seen talking with Lee Do Han’s ex-boyfriend.

Overall the episode gives some triangle relationship vibes. The unbalanced character behaviours of Na A Jeong are portrayed in this episode. The story now turned into a serious note, the real truths about Lee Do Han’s past relationships are getting exposed eventually. Let’s see how Lee Do Han faces such a hectic situation in upcoming episodes.

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