Was 5-8 able to save Sa Wol?: Netflix’s Recently launched Korean series Black Knight is based on Dystopian future world. The series with 6 episodes is currently streaming now in Netflix with Hindi,English,Korean language along with subtitles.

To knowing the answer let’s have a quick look of the story of the series.This South Korean Sci-Fi series is based on dystopian future world which is almost destroyed by pollution,in this situation a survival tale of left people who are trying to alive by depending on elite delivery drivers known as Black Knight .

Not only one time, infact two times 5-8 save Sa-Wol. Sa-Wol met 5-8 in a car. Later, when some intruders comes into their house , they killed Sa-Wol’s sister and and shoot him also in head. That time 5-8 comes in and save Sa-Wol. Luckily Sa-Wol is mutant so he survived somehow.

Later when Mr Ryu known that, Sa-Wol is a mutant, his army kidnapped Sa-Wol. Mr. Ryu have some health issue, as he wants to take bloods and cells of Sa-Wol for his cure. For this Sa-Wol could be die. To rescue Sa-Wol 5-8 and his team tie up with Major Jung Seol-ah’s Armies. The bond between Sa-Wol & 5-8 became stronger. In the end of the Series 5-8 killed Mr Ryu and saved Sa-Wol.

After this Sa-Wol take a temporary break from as a Delivery man. This is how 5-8 saved Sa-Wol not only one time also two time. In case if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section.



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