Yashoda Movie Review: “Samantha Rules In This Woman-Centric Film”

Yashoda Movie Review: In these times of PAN-India films, another one just made a debut whose title gives a lot more about the film than its trailer. “Yashoda” stars Samantha Ruth Prabhu along with Unni Mukundan and other characters.

The story revolves around a sting operation of a clinic that is using aborted children’s plasma inside their beauty creams and gives a 6-month booster shot to its rich clients that has effects like enhanced beauty and anti-aging properties.

The facility located in the forest takes in women who need the money fast and then they’re admitted into a world-class facility that has a strict schedule to everything that the inhabitants of the women inside lose the track of even the time or day.

Yashoda played by Samantha is also a Police-Officer who is looking for her younger sister who went for the surrogacy deal after Yashoda refused to exchange the Police Officer job in exchange for sexual intercourse. Here are the film’s strong and weak points

Strong Points


The whole plot reveals itself close to the interval which is all too interesting when it’s discussed further. The motive behind this heinous malpractice and how it’s shown in the film quite packs the punch and is effective.


Several things do not make sense when you first look at them but in due time you see that those things happened for a reason and it’s actually a detailed film that took its time to reveal stuff which is good.


Well, the film is a one-woman show, and Samantha rules in this movie. It runs off Samantha’s unbelievable performance at the start and a transformation towards the end of the second half. Other cast have done justice to their roles, particularly the antagonist Unni Mukundan.

Weak Points


Apart from the BGM that gives off a riveting thrill chase in the theatres, the music for the film is quite dull. Additionally, there are no songs in the film which is good or bad both, which is subjective.

Slow & Dull Start

Yashoda doesn’t pull you in from the start, it feels dull when you went inside expecting something from the trailer but it does pull itself up later at the end of the first half but a dull start indeed.

Final Verdict: 2.8/5

“Yashoda is a well-written and acted film which has its shortcomings but it is indeed a good watch, given you ignore some things that do not make sense.”


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