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How Did T’Challa Die In Wakanda Forever? | T Challa Death

How Did T’Challa Die In Wakanda Forever: How Did Black Panther King T’Challa Die?: MARVEL’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has made its way to the theatres and it is an emotionally charged film that grips the audience throughout, It has been an emotional journey, not only for the whole world full of MARVEL fans but for the Wakandan as well who lost their King and their protector and the film sets itself in the wake of those events.

The film starts with that scene where Princess Shuri is trying to replicate the design of the heart-shaped herb which helped revive King T’Challa in the first movie when he was defeated by KillMonger and that’s when she’s met by Queen Ramonda who informs her that the King is no more. However, what we’re curious about is how did King T’Challa even die??

Well, from what we understood from the film, King T’Challa had been sick for quite some time and the disease that killed him, he knew about it as well. Princess Shuri tells in the film that T’Challa kept it to himself slowly dying and didn’t ask for help but when he did, Princess Shuri didn’t have enough time and it was already late.

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She did as much as she can but couldn’t save her brother. The name of the disease is unknown and has not been disclosed but we know that he might have gotten that disease after the events of Endgame because that’s where we saw him last when he comes back from the blip.

King T’Challa already knew that this was not something that Princess Shuri’s talents could cure and he had prepared his son Toussaint for his death as well, as we see in the post-credit scene so King T’Challa already knew what was going to happen.


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