Velma Episode 1 Recap: Velma is now streaming on HBO MAX and I’m going to give you a short recap of what happened in Velma Episode 01, As the name of the series Velma Follows the story of Velma Dinkley one of the members of Mystery Inc, The show totally Follows Velma, Who is studying at Crystal Cave High School.

The show starts with Daphne, who is in the School Shower, and hears a strange sound. She thought it might be her best friend Brenda who is pranking her, but there is no one present. Daphne goes to the shower and starts talking about how the Creators Show more nudity in episode 1 than in other episodes.

Other girls think it’s just lame, but Krista thinks it is a hook to wait for other episodes, Daphne replies that you need storytelling to hook the audience, not S3x or Nudity, and start beating Krista.


A person in the hoodie came to the shower and beat Daphne with a stick and asked about race-blinding casting, Daphne replied that she has no problem with race-blinding casting. That person took off his Hoodie and we got to see that it was Velma. Daphne was very angry about it, Velma then opened her Shower Locker where she found Brenda’s Brainless Dead Body, someone cut his head and taken the brain from it.

Detectives take Velma for questioning, They Believe that Velma didn’t kill Brenda and they need her help to solve this crime, Velma says that she now doesn’t solve the mystery, so the detective warns her if she doesn’t help her then she is going to jail. Velma is living with her dad and her dad’s girlfriend Sophie after Velma’s mom went missing, Velma’s dad is dating Sophie who is the owner of Spooner Restaurant, Sophie asks Velma to do a part-time job in her restaurant Spooner.

Daphne and Krista are talking about Brenda in her funeral at Spooner Restaurant, Daphne reveals that Velma is the main suspect of Brenda’s mother, Velma was also there, and everyone starts hating her. Velma left the restaurant and found Fred there. Fred was very upset after the death of Brenda and felt guilty for her. Velma explains that it’s normal because she experienced it. Velma explains that when she was a child she always loved solving crimes and her mother always gave her new mystery to Velma to solve.

One day Velma found a gift that her mom was going to give her for Christmas, so her mother went to buy a new gift for Velma, but never returned. Detectives found her car and her glasses with a gift and Velma feels guilty about this, She promises that she will never open that Gift until she found her mother, but due to her guilt she has hallucinations, Whenever she tries to solve a mystery she starts to have horror hallucination.

Then someone came in a car towards them and Fred left that place. It was Norville, her friend, who knows about the killer.

Who Killed Brenda?

Norville explains that he thinks that it might be Sophie who is involved in the murder, Norville gave his camera to Brenda to investigate Sophie’s Spooner Restaurant. Velma then remembers that Sophie bought a new camera. Velma check the camera if there is anything related to the murder, but found nothing. Velma now starts to have hallucination and Sophie help her, then Velma’s father explains to Velma that she’s not the reason for her mom’s Disappearance.

Velma’s mom leaves them because she doesn’t like them. Velma understands everything and she’s now feeling less guilt. Velma is the next day bullied by Krista, but Fred helps Velma and says that she just needs their friendship and nothing, Daphne is their girlfriend of Fred, so she talked to Velma about if she is trying to get Fred. Daphne explains that if she wants him then she should know about Fred and that he never became Naked yet, He might be gay.

After hearing about this, Velma thinks that Brenda might shot some photos of Fred while He was naked that’s why Fred killed her. Velma and Norville go to Fred’s home. Velma goes to Fred’s room, She starts having hallucinations again. she called Norville and asks him to tell her some joke it will help her from hallucinating. Velma found the camera and found some photos of Fred when He was peeing in Spooner’s Bathroom.

Fred comes from the bathroom and explains that his body has not yet hit puberty, that’s why he doesn’t want anyone to see his naked body, not even Daphne, Brenda photographed his naked body that’s why he did it and now he’s going to do that with Velma. At the time detectives came and shot two legs of Fred and arrested him.

Fred then explains that He’s going to give a blank check to Velma as he gave it to Brenda.

Velma doesn’t believe her and goes to her home, Norville asks that if she is not feeling guilty about her mother’s disappearance the why she starts having hallucinations, Velma explains that she still feels guilty about her mother and she is going to find her.

Velma and Norville see some cockroaches going to a trash can and Norville opens it and finds Krista who also doesn’t have a brain.



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