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This Place Rules Ending Explained | HBO Documentary

HBO has released its newest documentary about the US Capitol Riots that took place on January 6th, 2021 just a week before its first anniversary showcasing the events that led up to what we saw unfold in Washington, DC on the aforementioned date.

It tells us the whole story from the perspective of Andrew Callaghan who is also the director of the documentary and also the presenter. It takes off from the boxing contest between Joker Gang and Gum Gang and how their boxing match resonates with the state of the country as Andrew rightly says that “it feels like we’re all pitted against each other.”.

The Documentary after showing us Joker Gang and Gum Gang give us a little introduction about Andrew as Andrew tells us how he took an RV and started going around the country attending different conventions, conspiracy rallies, and music festivals until 2020 when the world shut down and everything suddenly became serious with the elections and anti-lockdown rallies.

He interviews different people in the documentary and the first one he interviews after doing a lot of research is, Dave Todeschini who is also known as “The Inglorious Patriot” who makes YouTube videos about the leaders as he uncovers his conspiracy theories about how they’re all pedophiles and Trump is the only one who can save this country.

The Documentary moves on with how the state of Philadelphia flipped overnight and Biden won there were the first STOP THE STEAL rally was organized. We see another person who is ultra-right-wing by the name of Edward X Young who keeps doing personal attacks on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

After the election results came out, the left side drifted into this new period of fragmented disunity, the right-wing organized an event called the Million MAGA March were 1 Million Trump Supports pledged to hit the streets of DC in the largest-ever rally to STOP THE STEAL. Major conspiracy theorist Alex Jones came there as well and this turned out to be an optimistic rally where 95% of the people thought that the election would be overturned within a couple of days.

However, one of the major issues that were getting highlighted during the rallies was Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden had a crack problem he filmed himself while smoking crack and that is one of the key stories in STOP THE STEAL mythology is about HUNTER BIDEN’S laptop.

Basically, the right-wingers think that there’s way worse stuff on it than the crack smoking video and China is holding the laptop hostage and has successfully blackmailed Joe Biden into helping them hack voting machines and steal the election away from Trump.

As time passed on and Biden’s inauguration closer, Patriots grew angrier. Despite the fighting words of the people who were prepared with guns and ready to fight the revolution, out of these people nobody was sure exactly how this coup was going to go down, and at that time, Antifa was there as well yelling at InfoWars subscribers, QAnon followers and Militia members and the KKK.

During the second Million MAGA March in Washington, DC on 12th December 2020 during post-election protests, a clash erupted. After that rally erupted, several members of the PROUD BOYS were arrested whose rallies have centered around assisting and defending law enforcement began turning their backs on the blue.

And then came the day of the 5th of January, the night before congress certified Joe Biden’s Presidency Alex Jones had given a speech that night about 1776 and the people the next day rallied to the Capitol and went inside rioting giving rise to one of the darkest days in the history of the United States.

440 people were initially arrested and it was an easy investigation because most people had already incriminated themselves on social media making it easier for the FBI to press charges.

All it comes down to is what the point of it was because the people who rioted the Capitol were arrested and the people, the influential ones did everything they could to not take the blame on themselves.

This Place Rules is currently streaming on HBO.



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