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Velma Episode 2 Recap, Summary| HBO Max

Velma Ep 2 Recap: Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the HBO original Show Velma were released today, we had already covered the recap of Episode 1, You can check that too, and for all those who missed episode 2, here goes the Episode 2 Recap, Review and Explanation.

Velma Episode 2 Started Exactly where it ended. Fred is the main accused of Killing Brenda and Krista, Velma’s father is a lawyer Fred and Velma is not happy about it.


She asks Daphne to steal her mom’s case file from her mom because Daphne’s mom is a Detective and she was investigating the case. Daphne asks her to give $500 for the Case File, she is not going to give it for free.

Velma goes to Norville’s house, Where she found Daphne’s mother who is investigating about Drug Case with Norville’s mom because her mom is the principal. Norville is live streaming on YouTube and Velma asks Norville to give her $500 Dollars, but he doesn’t have money.

Norville was feeling very bad after not helping Velma, so he thinks to sell some of his things. Velma now goes to Daphne and explains that she doesn’t have any money. Daphne asks Velma if she can work for her. Daphne wants Velma to sell Drugs in the school first Velma says no to it, but she has to do it in order to buy the case file.

Velma’s father is talking to Fred’s parents about how they can prove that Fred is innocent. He got the idea to say that Fred is Just a child yet and doesn’t understand anything. They go to the court where everyone wants justice then they see Fred who has been makeup as a child. Everyone starts believing that he can’t kill those two girls, but Rain spoiled their plan. Fred starts looking like Hitler.

Velma is trying to sell drugs but due to her nature no one is buying Drugs from her, Detective catches them, but they changed their dress and wear hoodie so they can’t recognize Velma and Daphne. Velma and Daphne escape from that place. They find another client who wants to buy drugs, Velma goes to her and it was Velma’s father.

Velma’s father asks why she is selling Drugs. And she explained it. Her father says that he will give her $500 dollars if she can help him prove Fred’s Innocence.

Norville can’t make $500 Dollars from selling. He meets a mysterious man who can give him $500 dollars. He takes him to an Apartment where Norville gets to know that he has to sell his kidney. He attacked them, but they have guns, some people came and helped Norville and we got to know that they were his YouTube Subscriber.

Is Fred innocent?

Velma goes to the court and gives testimony that Fred can’t kill those two girl’s when he can’t cut a steak and everyone starts laughing at Fred, everyone starts believing that he’s not the killer. Everyone is laughing at Fred and that makes Fred angry, Fred then says that He can Remove those dumb girls’ brains if he wanted to.

And now he’s guilty, he’s probably going to jail now.

Daphne comes to Velma’s house and gives her Mom’s Case file without taking money. In the case file, Velma found that the last time when her phone’s mom was active was at Fred’s House. Then she starts having hallucinations, so she asks Daphne to tell her some jokes, but nothing works. At last Daphne kisses Velma.

Norville is seeing everything from the road.



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