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Gannibal Episode 4 Recap, Summary, Explained: Suspicions Everywhere!

Disney Hotstar’s “Gannibal” is back with another Episode which is more than 50 minutes long and comes closer to uncovering the mystery of the Kuge Village and how everything works there and at the same time challenging the theories we’ve made all this time.

Gannibal starts off with the capture of Mutsuo after he along with other members of the Goto Family attacks Daigo while he’s on his way to meet the doctor whom he’s given the finger Mashiro had found in the forest at night.


Mutsuo brings the police to a dead body in the forest which turns out to be Mr. Kano who was the previous Chuzai before Daigo. Mutsuo takes the whole blame on himself to protect his family from the blame. Daigo after all this is presented with a choice from his supervisor to go to Yata Village where a position has been opened but after his conversation with Yuki, his wife they decide to ask Mashiro if she wants to stay in Kuge Village and she nods that she wants to.

After this, we see a time jump where Daigo and his family have been living in harmony together. Daigo has been ignoring the Goto Family and both of them do not disrupt each other but one day after a celebration when Daigo and Yuki are intimate, Daigo sees someone peeping in from the window and it turns out to be someone from the Goto Family. But at the same time, he finds out that the wall on his house has been vandalized and “Murderer” has been written on it.

Daigo goes to the Timber Factory to confront the Goto Family but he finds that person to be beaten and he talks to Keisuke who tells him to not trust the villagers so much because they are sneaky. At the same time, Mr. Sabu has been helping Yuki to clear off the vandal and he leaves soon.

However, we see him the neighbor looking into Daigo’s house. It becomes creepy when we get to know that Mr. Sabu when he was in the house using the washroom he planted a bug and has been listening to the conversations from his car up close and whenever there’s something out of the ordinary happening with Daigo and Yuki, let it be a fight or if they’re doing something Mr. Sabu turns up there.

Daigo who wants to keep his house and family safe starts to build a barrier in front of his house for his peace of mind is stopped by Mr. Sabu who tells him that the community is built on trust and this doesn’t look good to which Daigo says “What A Pain” and Mr. Sabu takes this to heart and the next day the whole town is talking about Daigo fighting with Mr. Sabu and everyone’s telling him and Yuki that if they want to stay in the town they shouldn’t be fighting.

At night when Yuki is fighting with Daigo a bit to go and apologize to Mr. Sabu, Mr. Sabu turns up there and asks if he wants to say anything to him and Daigo apologizes forcefully. Meanwhile, Daigo hasn’t completely let go of Mr. Kano’s case and he’s been calling the satellite phone to which Mr. Kano had talked to before he died. He receives a call back from someone who asks him to meet and he goes there to find someone who is a living witness of what the people of Kuge Village are trying to hide.

In the end of the Episode, he takes off the left side skin of his face which reveals bitten-off skin and a missing nose along with an eye and he tells him that his face was eaten.



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