Veer Bhushan Thakur Home Minister Uttar Pradesh: One of the main villains from the Jio Cinema’s newly released original show ‘Inspector Avinash’ is Veer Bhushan Thakur. As the show is based on the real-life Incidents in the life of UP Police STF Inspector Avinash Mishra, Many of you were asking about the real-life story of Veer Bhushan Thakur Up Home Minister.

Here in the Post, we are going to tell you about the Character ‘Veer Bhushan Thakur’ in the show. We will also tell you if the show is based on a real-life Character and if was there any Home Minister with the same name in UP During 1998. Here goes all the details.

The character of ‘Veer Bhushan Thakur’ in the series is a fictional character and there was no such minister even existed in the UP Cabinet. If we compare the ministers from the series’ timeline, Ram Prakash Gupta was the Home Minister during 1997-1999 and there is evidence that the show revolves around him.

The show revolves around the life story Avinash Mishra but there are many characters in the show which are fictional and they were just created by the makers to make the show more interesting and thrilling. There are various other characters in the show too which are not based on any real person living or dead.

This was all about the Character ‘Veer Bhushan Thakur’ from the Jio Cinema original web series ‘Inspector Avinash‘. What do you think about the show and the performances of the actors?, Please let us know in the comments.



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