Trey In ‘The Ultimatum’ Netflix Season 2:The Ultimatum is back with another gripping season. Five couples participated in the show everyone is curious to know more about them we’ll tell you about everyone We’ll help you with their social media handles also.

You’re going to see New faces. One partner is ready to settle down and gives an ultimatum And the other is ready with Many questions. Now they’ve to decide Whether to marry or move on?

Now Talking About the Contestant Trey and his Social Media Handles;

Trey is a 29-year-old Area Manager at Paper mill, When Trey visited Riah’s dating profile he wasn’t able to believe his eyes that he was going to date so beautiful girl. There is so much romance going On Between them From last 2 years. Trey came here to make Riah believe that marriages stay forever What do you think about them? They both spent time in a long-distance relationship.

His Instagram I’d Is @treyb16
His Twitter I’d ls @treybrunson



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