The Ultimatum Is streaming now on Netflix With its second Season, Which started streaming On 23rd August 2023, Fans are enjoying this show as of now they’re following many contestants on social media they want to see their reality That’s why they’re searching for them on Social Media.

There are 10 contestants in total going to be part of this Dating Reality Show. Now Talking About the Contestant Riah and Her Social Media Handles like Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter.

Riah is a 25-year-old managing server In fact her partner, Riah has never seen a happy healthy marriage so that’s why she can’t say Yes to marriage That’s why Trey has given an Ultimatum to her their story is really unique from others we strongly believe Riah is going to say yes to trey What do you think tell us in comments? They’ve been together for the last 2 years

Her Instagram I’d Is @jeriahnyree
Her Twitter I’d Is @jeriahnyree
Her Tiktok I’d Is @jeriahnyree



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