Tianna Kirchner Murder: The Authorities Of Washington Made A Horrific Discovery In October 2016 At A Trailer Home In Everett, Washington, They Found A Body Of A Very Young Girl Who Was Missing For Many Years.

In the Recently Released Show Crime Junkie’s Wanted: Justice For Hassani Campell And Tiana Kirchner, The Audiences Came To Learn About A Very Horrifying And Mysterious Case, As viewers are excited to know more about This. So We’re here to cover that much we know

How Did Tiana Kirchner Die?

Tiana Serena Marie Kirchner Was The Full Name Of That Young Girl, She Was Born On 28th May 2007 To Tricia Kirchner, Tiana’s Mom And Dad Got Married In May 2001, but Later Thet Filed For Divorce In December 2009 It Was Finalized In 2012. It Was Getting Very Difficult To Survive For Tiana To Live In That Atmosphere She Was Born With Drugs In Her Body.

Tricia And Tiana’s Legal Father Were Abusing Each Other For Having Drugs And Alcohol the last record Of Tiana Was Found In September 2010 At That Time She Was Alive.

Till today The Jury didn’t Make any arrests On This Case No one knows How Tiana Kirchner Died, we are covering the story and we will let you know if there is any update about the case.



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  1. Norman johnson on

    I am the blood father of Tianna my name is Norman Johnson and I was not allowed to see my daughter I only found out about what happened when I seen it on the news I’ve called the detectives they won’t tell me anything about the case. I THINK ITS A DAMN SHAME THAT THE MOTHER TRISH IS NOT IN JAIL AND HAS NEVER SPENT ONE NIGHT IN JAIL IF ANYTHIG FOR WALFARE FRUAD AND WRONGFUL DIPOSAL OF A BODY COME O REALY THE MOM HAS WALKED AROUND LIKE SHE HAS DONE NOTHING I SHOULD SUE CPS

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