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The Bear Season 2 Best Episode: Ritchie Finds Purpose

The Bear Season 2 Best Episode: HULU’s The Bear has returned for its second season and it has been throwing down on each Episode keeping its high-octane intensity still the same as it was in Season 1.

But this time, it doubles the stakes because Carmy has found out that his brother Mikie wanted to open a restaurant with him and he is turning The Beef into a fine dining restaurant by taking money from Uncle Cicero.

However, the Episodes show us the whole grind of each of the characters, from Ebra to Marcus but there’s one special character that had the best transformation in Season 2 and it’s Richie. Here’s why Episode 7 turns out to be the best Episode of Season 2.

Season 2 Episode 7 is the best Episode of Season 2. Here’s why?

Right from the beginning of Season 2, everyone knows what they’re supposed to be and what they bring to the table. Only Richie doesn’t know what he brings. He knows he’s good with people but that’s it. He’s having a midlife crisis where he wants to find meaning in his life and throughout Season 2 we see him getting riled up for whatever reason and treating people badly because that’s what we’ve seen him as, in Season 1 and Season 2 up until Episode 7.

Carmy sends Richie to work as a stage in the restaurant where he used to work before and that turns out to be life changing for Richie. Not only he touches rock bottom but he comes back up stronger than ever with amazing transformation. He gets the news that Tiffany, his ex-wife is getting married to her boyfriend.

With nothing going well in his life, he bounces back and focusses on making the most of his time at the restaurant and that goes tremendously well for him. Not only he starts to understand the work but he excels at it. He is quick to understand what’s happening and not only he takes initiatives but does them so well.

Episode 7 shows us the amazing transformation of Richie who at the start of the Episode felt Carmy sent him there as a punishment but towards the end of the week, he realizes that Carmy believed in him. His transformation does well for him and he is able to apologize to Natalie for treating her badly.

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For someone who was seeking his purpose at the age of 45, he very well found it in just a week.



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