“The Sympathizer” Episode 6 : “The Sympathizer” is an American war drama spy thriller series, which is currently streaming now on HBO Max & JioCinema. In this article, we are gonna discuss the recap of the sixth episode. Before we start our discussion let’s have a quick knowledge of the Story of this series.

The series is based on The novel by American professor & Novelist “Viet Thanh Nguyen” of the same name.
The series tells us about the lifestyle of a man known as “The Captain”, he is half-French, half-Vietnamese & moreover he is a spy.

Picking up, where previous episodes ended. We see the Captain along with the general watching & inspecting the New South Vietnamese boot camp. They are now trained to go back to Vietnam again to kill down the other communists. Infact General’s wife feeds those soldiers on their mission. meantime, he founded Bon Tranning there. He is surely frustrated watching his friend train with them.

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He tried to understand that it was a ” suicide war”, but Bon already made up his mind to go with General. He understood that his friend was now badly influenced by the General so he wanted to save his friend from his mission. So, he tries to convince the General that this secret mission is soon going to be exposed by Sonny as he going to publish this news. But General don’t fear this news as the mission is being listed in a charity organization. Luckily, this organisation is being funded by Ned Godwin. So, the captain might think of a way to frame New & prove that he is now funding a terrorist organisation.

So, now the captain is on the way to Follow Ned Godwin. While Ned is outside, he goes into his shop & where Ned is already present. Ned is making a long investment for the communist people. He later went to Ned’s house & met with his wife. They tried to take out all the official documents from Ned’s cabinet.

Later he went to meet with Lana for a drink. Lana is staying completely alone in a house separated from her parents. While drinking, He thinks to killed Sonny. As we understood Captain is completely jealous of Sonny for stealing his girlfriend, so he is planning to frame him.

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Meantime we see Captain meet with Sonny in a cafe, he tells Sonny to trail those papers that exist between Ned & General by this Sonny must find some illegal activities to publish in the newspaper. Right then, Sofia comes & interferes with their conversation. So the captain soon left them by watching them together.

Later by requesting Captain, Sonny went outside. The first thing is comes into his mind, is why he is giving such news to him as the Captain is the General’s man. Captain said they have something in common. Captain told him to follow the money as a paper trail to catch up with Ned & General. Where Sonny is planning to publish this news so that everyone in America must read this story.

Later, the Captain listen to the discussion between Ned & General they are both in an angry mood. It’s clear that everything is not in general’s hands after all. Later he went to talk with his old friend Bon. But it looks like his friend made up his own decision to go with the Armies. This thing makes Captain angry too much because they left Vietnam for their but Bon is trying to go back again there. Their extreme conversation is interrupted by General. As general takes Captain into the Bootcamp.

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General started to discuss a lot of matters but mainly he ordered the captain to kill Sonny before he got any official information. General has made up his mind to reclaim Vietnam & he also takes Bon along with him on this mission. In this conversation, he talks about his lost toe, in a Communist prison camp. His pinky toe was infected & other one was gone with torture. This awful conversation did impact on Captain’s mind. He is angry with America especially when they take his daughter Lana. By this mission, he can finally go back into his own nation.

Later we see Captain talking with Man to stop Bon from going on the mission with General. He also urges to stop his mission as a spy because he can’t stay in America. This conversation is presented in a weird way as they are talking face to face meanwhile, he also sees himself in Man’s place. It looks like the Captain is desperate to go back to his country & wants to leave America as soon as possible.

Captain joined into the party at Ned’s house. At the party, he met with Professor Hammer who said he is actually Richard Hedd. Richard Hedd wrote a book for Asian Communism known as” Oriental Mode of Destruction “. It is clear that Hedd loves Asians more than anyone. Later Captain went to find out the paper trail between the General & Ned. He found out the documents & take a picture of them. It also includes the money ordered also.

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Meantime, Ned giving a speech against Asians & communists. This is very similar to the words of Hammer’s book or it could be possible that Hammer wrote the whole script for Ned. Meantime, Ned’s wife came into The room before she caught Captain red-handed, he managed to put back to those documents. Ned’s wife has a secret affection for Captain which is a plus point for Captain to stay safe.

Captain thought to give all these documents to Sonny so that he could frame Ned & open out the terrorist activities of General. In this situation, he sees Sonny along with Sofia which makes him angry that he was planning to kill him. The next day he handed over the photos to Sonny & also provided some information. Along with this, Captain confessed to him that he was a Communist spy & killed Major. Sonny thinks that Captain telling this as he wants to confirm that Sonny is also a communist spy.

But the reason is two things. First Captain is jealous about Sofia & Sonny’s relationship, second; he faces a lot of trauma. He killed some people and framed them & sometimes this two-faced life is a burden to him. After speaking this he felt so much peaceful as he wanted to speak all of this truth to someone. After speaking everything he killed down Sonny & finished his chapter.

He became good again in front of the General. Now, one more spirit started haunting him. This scene shifted with the conversation with Jailer. Captain told him that he sent all these documents to the ” LA Times” but for some unknown reason, it was never published. It was actually the Captain who destroyed all of this evidence by burning it. We understand that Captain is doing all of these to save Ned & General as they are the only way to help Captain to leave America.

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While he was destroying evidence, Bon came up. He said that Sonny was going to blow the whistle on the general’s mission. He also confessed he stopped him by destroying evidence. Later he started to talk again with the Jailer. In between this, he talked with Man to grant him permission to stop the ” Reclaim Vietnam” mission. Later he went to meet with Sofia to share his condolences. But it looks like, Sofia realised that it was the captain who killed Sonny.

She also found that the Captain is a spy & his motive is very bad. Later he also went to meet with Lana to be intimate with her. He can’t do anything just kiss her cheeks and left from there.

So, the captain is going to join this suicide mission along with General & Bon. But, Bon is surprised by Captain’s decision but accepts the truth of Captain’s fight for his homeland. He helps with the haircut of Bon as both of them are ready for the war.

All of them in a plane ready for their mission. As we are also going towards the end of this series. They probably die in this war as they have very little army & that’s how the captain is being captured into the jail. Where he is right now.

That’s the end. All six episodes of ” The Sympathizer” is currently streaming now in JioCinema in English language along with subtitles.



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