John Blackthorne In ‘Shogun’ Character Explained: Shōgun ” is a ten-episodic historical action war series created by FX. Blackthorne is one of the main antagonists of this series. As people want to know about him, so in this article we are going to discuss this character with an explanation. Before we start discussions, let’s know the story of this series. It’s the story of a civil war in ancient Japan where Lord Toranaga faced his enemy to regain his lost emperor.

In the series, the character of John Blackthorne is played by Cosmo Jarvis. He is a 34 years, old American Actor. Some movies of His are “Persuasion(2022)”,”Nocturnal(2020)”, “Annihilation(2018)”, “Lady Macbeth( 2016)”. Some of his series are “Peaky Blinders(2013)”, “Raised by Wolves” etc.

John Blackthorne was born in England. He became a sailor who used to navigate ships. He became the pilot of the Dutch ship ” Erasmus”. ” Erasmus ” was a part of five more ships but none of them survived. Blackthorne helped and rescued ” Erasmus” with the help of these sailors. They come out from the Strom & reach into the Japanese harbour.

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The Japanese people took him & his crew as a prisoner. Japanese people started to call him ” Anjin -Sama” which means ” Pilot”. Later, he met with Yabushige & went to meet with Lord Toranaga. That’s where his journey started. As Tiranga was so much interested to learn their customs.

Soon, Blackthorne became successful in winning Toranaga’s trust. He also met Lady Mariko who used to translate Blackthorne’s word to Toranaga. Blackthorn is a very helpful guy, He taught them how to fire a cannon properly. That helped the Japanese people in the war. Infact he helped Toranaga to fight with his rival Ishido. He started to learn the Japanese language & their culture with the help of Mariko. He also understood the feelings of the local people. The dynamic of this character is so powerful that we really enjoyed seeing it.

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He also slowly falls in love with Lady Mariko. He protected her many times too but was not successful in the end. They have intimacy to make their connection more close. That’s how Blackthorne became survived & started to live there.

He is a very kind guy, as we mentioned. He really did care for his crew for a long time, so he tried to ask Toranaga to let him go. But Toranaga asks him to prove his loyalty. To, show this loyalty he stayed there for a long time. He also became ” Hatamoto ” of lord Toranaga. That’s a very respectful tag, given my Hatamoto. Infact for their kind nature he got appreciated by lots of people. But, still, some people called him a ” Barbarian ” and treated him as a filthy person.

That’s all about Blackthorne’s character. If you want to know more, you can ask in the comment section.



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