All India Rank Movie Review: All India Rank, a title which is quite too familiar with more than half of the Indian population because you’re bound to find yourself in the grind that comes with it and with that title, Varun Grover, a National Award-Winning Lyricist and Writer turned Director has brought to us a story that we’ve seen, heard and even experienced but with his touch and that makes all the difference in the world.

What is All India Rank About?

All India Rank takes place in the 90s when the world was changing quite rapidly with the introduction of the Internet but it’s Vivek’s world that has changed and not for the better. His father is sending him to Kota for IIT preparation and he doesn’t have a say in it.

After reaching there, his constant prayers to his parents to call him back to Lucknow don’t work and he experiences a whole new world of friendship, betrayal, hopes and even love. How Vivek, in a society that not only respects IIT Graduates but its also a symbol of capability and success makes his way or even tries with his parent’s hopes and dreams on his shoulders, is what this film is about.

What We Think About It?

Well, a 17-year-old teenager is sent to Kota for IIT preparation and how he lives there and what becomes of his life is a pretty basic storyline and if All India Rank was limited to only this, it would have been a mediocre watch but it’s not. Varun Grover has managed to bring his charm and that too in full throttle which makes it feel like a poem.

The opening of the film with “Noodle Sa Dil” will take you into the 90s with some brilliant animation which also makes it cameo right before the Interval which in my opinion is one of the best creative intervals, I have seen so far this year. The film doesn’t shy away from showing exactly what a teenager’s mind would be thinking of, ALL THE TIME (yeah, you guessed it right) and that’s very appreciable.

Finally, the ending of the film takes you by surprise because, with a film with a title like this, we would assume this is a story of either success or failure but that’s where we were wrong. That beautiful monologue by Vivek referencing Euler’s Formula is just heartwarming to say the least and I guess, that’s why this film is a must-watch because it doesn’t take you to success or failure with respect to Vivek’s journey but everything in between and that’s a ride worth taking.

Final Verdict: 4/5

“All India Rank is a poem. Read it carefully, try to understand it and you shall find the beauty.”



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